FSL Tracking

Vehicle Tracking and Telematics

FLeet Service Ltd. offers a system to track and monitor vehicles.


Alongside the tracking capabilities of the unit, we are able to gather and process data from its inbuilt sensors and the vehicle's onboard systems. This can be used for analysing such things as engine condition, fuel consumption and driver behaviour. This onboard monitoring allows for warnings and alarms to be triggered and displayed within the vehicle, remotely via a web-based portal or even sent out by mobile text message.

External systems can also be added, providing functionality such as weight tracking, tyre pressure sensing and driver identification - all controlled from a single customisable control unit.

Bespoke Service

Each tracker can be configured to match an individual client's requirements. Complex alarm sequences can be developed and loaded onto the unit before fitting. Once in place, we can carry out further refinements or completely change the programmed operations remotely via its 3G mobile connection.

Further details at the Fleet Service Ltd. website.

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